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Who makes decisions on applications and what criteria do they use?

The decision to accept to the MSt, MSc, MPhil, or DPhil is made by the School of Archaeology. All those so admitted are guaranteed a place in a college, but not necessarily in their college of first or second choice. The School's assessors for applicants' dossiers consider the type of qualification obtained, the overall standard (e.g. class) achieved, and the standard achieved in any relevant subjects. References are assessed for additional evidence of applicants' academic achievements, interests, and personal motivation. The applicant's personal statement is assessed for the coherence of the proposal and for evidence of motivation, of understanding of the proposed field of study, and of ability to present a reasoned case in English (with allowances for academic and linguistic background). Assessors also take into account the avaibility at Oxford of the courses, supervision, and/or technical support required. The criteria used to assess written work submitted as part of an application are set out in answer to Question 5 of the previous section.



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