Getting to the Research Laboratory for Archaeology

The department is located in North Oxford in the Dyson Perrins building, on South Parks Road.  Visitors should go to the reception in the main entrance in Hinshelwood Drive, the science area road opposite Mansfield Road.

RLAHA Location Map
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By car

Getting to Oxford is not difficult - once you reach Oxford there are several important things to realise -
  • The City centre has traffic restriction which mean that it is best avoided unless you are familiar with it
  • The Research Laboratory has very limited parking which must be booked in advance.
  • Using the "Park and Ride" from the ring-road is the best option unless you have equipment/objects which you can not carry.
  • Make yourself aware of the location of City Centre car parks in advance

By train

The Research Laboratory is about  a mile from the railway station.

By coach from London

The most convenient stop is Queen Street. From there it is a short walk towards South Parks Road.

Park and Ride

The most covenient Park & Ride route is from the Pear Tree park and ride, North of the city - buses stop on St. Giles, leaving only a short walk to South Parks Road.
You may also consider the possiblilty of Park and Cycle-Ride – parking at Park and Ride is now free.