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Fieldwork Form - the Risk Assessment

In accordance with University regulations, the School of Archaeology has a Fieldwork Health and Safety Policy. This policy requires students who undertake fieldwork as an essential part of their course to complete a Risk Assessment form before any work is started. All relevant parts of the form must be signed.

If you are based at the Research Lab (RLAHA) please return your form to Diane Baker.  If you are based at the Institute please return your form to Ian Cartwright.

Please Note - you need to allow a minimum of six weeks prior to your date of travel, for the necessary paperwork to be completed.

This is a new form (as of July 2017) for all fieldwork and overseas visits related to your work/studies. For conferences in the USA or Europe you only need complete and have signed section 1. If your fieldwork/trip is considered medium or high risk, you will need to complete all the sections and ensure ALL SECTIONS ARE SIGNED. 

Travel Insurance

You must also apply for University travel insurance and you will need to complete a  travel insurance application avaialble here.

PLEASE submit this at the same time as you submit the Risk Assessment to Ian Cartwright or Diane Baker (as appropriate). You can fill in exact flight details at a later date.